Alex Sanchez

A week ago today, we had an amazing author (Alex Sanchez) give a talk about what it was like moving to the states from Mexico when he was five, growing up gay, and how he found his way to writing LGBTQ books for teens today.  He spoke to a small crowd of about 25 teens, including a few adults. After his talk, he had a question/answer session and then hung around to talk to everyone who had more questions or just wanted to talk.

I think everyone who was there can attest that he’s a wonderful person to talk to, as well as a great author!

Thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a great event! And the greatest thanks to Alex Sanchez for coming to the BPL!

If you’re wondering what books he’s written, here’s a list to date:

Rainbow Trilogy (Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High, Rainbow Road)


Getting It

The God Box

So Hard To Say


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