Health Links

Sex, etc.  Sex education by teens, for teens.

iwannaknow  Everything you ever wanted to know about sexually transmitted infections, from the American Social Health Association.

Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Transgender Youth

iEmily  Need help? Not sure where to go or who to talk to? Visit this page for a list of hotlines grouped by topic that you can call to figure out your next move.

Young Women’s Health Page  Am I exercising enough? When should I start going to the gynecologist? What causes acne? Find answers to these questions and more in the collection of links put together by the Oregon Health & Science University.

Salud Adolescente  Cómo puedo eliminar de mi acné? Qué son los anticonceptivos de emergencia? Cómo debo cuidar un tatuaje? Encontrara respuestas a estas preguntas y más aqui.

Go Ask Alice  Teens write in with their puzzling health questions and experts respond online. Do you know what it means to be “inter-sexed”? Or that there are 5 different kinds of condoms? Columbia University’s Health Promotion Program gives us answers to our most embarrassing and sensitive questions.

Teenwire  Planned Parenthood isn’t just for girls. Teenwire is a place where you can get answers to your questions about dating, LGBTQ, family and tons of other stuff.

TeenGrowth  Divorce, peer pressure, personal hygiene—there’s so much to figure out, where do you even begin? Start with answers from world-renowned pediatricians and educators to real teens’ questions about real life concerns.


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