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Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Read by: Maria/Copely Branch


This book is the sequel to If I stay. The first book focuses on Mia a girl who had just lost her family to a car accident. She is a ghost outside her body and she sees the chaos around her while she is recovering mind, body, and soul. Where She Went is in Adams, Mia’s boyfriend, point of view. It has been three years past the accident since Mia has awakened from her coma induced state and is now attending Julliard. Know that Adams a rock star, and Mia is the new proclaimed Yo-Yo-Ma, they meet by chance after Mia’s concert and spend the day together. The book goes through the memories of Mia and Adams past and maybe future together. This book was heart-warming and shows in a new light another point of view on how things ended up between both characters. At first when I read the first book I thought: “What about Adam? What was he thinking at this time?” and that’s exactly what she did. Put a whole new perspective on what happened next.

Ao No Exorcist (or Blue Exorcist) by kazue Kato

Read by: Maria/Copley Branch

Ao no exorcist was an excellent action packed anime to see. It has demons, Priests, and exorcists. This action packed anime has betrayals and hard friendships that will be tested. Even though the manga has not been updated in a while the anime is complete. Ao no exorcist is about a boy who finds out that him and his twin brother are the sons of Satan. He is criticized by people because he is half-demon and decides that the only way for him to make friends is to keep his parentage a secret. As time goes by it gets harder for him to keep the secret from his new friends from True Cross Academy. It becomes more exciting as each episode comes out and the ending was even more exciting. I totally recommend this anime to people who love demons, and action.  


Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez – I give it a 2/5. It was decent in the beginning then as you keep reading, you feel like you just want to read it to finish it. I didn’t understand some of the Spanish nor could I relate to some of the things he went through. I just didn’t capture my interest in general. — Wendy

The Last Summer Of The Death Warriors by Francisco Stork – A brave, bold and beautifully written book. I’m happy to read it over and over again.  One of the most unique stories I’ve read.  — anonymous teen, Copley.

Angels on Sunset Boulevard by Melissa de La Cruz

The news about a rising star’s disappearance spreads like wildfire on Tap.com–De La Cruz’s fictional MySpace. When Nick’s younger sister goes missing after being seen in the mysterious backroom of a TAP party, he begins to question his new friend Taj and what she knows about TAP. When confronted, Taj reveals a dark secret about TAP’s secret underbelly—and some secrets of her own. There seems to be an ominous cloud hovering over tinsel-town’s elite and Nick believes TAP may be responsible for it.

Generation Deadby Daniel Waters – This is the beginning ofan awesome series! When American teens die they come back to life.  Whether it’s due to the baddiets we Americans follow or the immunzations- the verdict is still out as to why.  So zombies, or living impaired, are going to American schools, mixing with “beating hearts”, but it’s not allperfect…start with this book then move on to Kiss of Life

Generation Dead: Kiss of Life

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse AndersonWintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson – Not just any old book on anorexia.  This book really covers some stuff that you never thought or wanted to think about anorexia.  Disturbing and real!

Midnight: A Gangster Love Story by Sister Souljah

Souljah’s LONG awaited follow-up to her hit”Coldest Winter Ever”.  Tells the story of Islamic Midnight and his relationships with his family, his new girlfriend, and taking care of business.

Freak Showby James St. James – Teenage drag queen Billy Bloom comes to live with his dad in a rich neighborhood in Florida. His school is completely opposite from him–conservative, boring, unfabulous and not fun at all.  Billy’s got work his magic to make the students come around! Super witty and funny.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

For the past 5 years “Alice” has been living with Ray, the man who abducted her from her family. A chilling book that is a real page turner.

The Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins – What are the hunger games you ask? They are games that are played in a futuristic place where food is scarce and teenagers are forced to play games in order to live, but they may not live when they play the games…

The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – Clare starts this exciting trilogy with the story of Clarissa and her discovery of another world, one that’s filled with vampires, werewolves, faeries and more. The book pulls you in right from the start!


1 – 5 Stars (1=bad 5=awesome)

Rainbow Road by Alex Sanchez – This book was awesome!! Its great for gay teens who want a little show in the world of high School to college! Great read!!  5 STARS– Lori, Mattapan Branch

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher – This book takes place in the Outside and the Inside of the Incarceron. People who live on the Outside know the Incarceron as a experiment, created by the Sapieni to create the prototype of the perfect Paradise.
But what those on the outside don’t know is that the Incarceron is really a chaotic, badly run place, where everything that dies is recycled by the Incarceron, the place with a mind of it’s own. The story focuses on Finn and Claudia, two different people living very distant lives. 5 STARS — Kathy, Allston Branch

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto – Naruto is a ninja-in-traning with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He’s got a wild sense of humor,but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the worlds greatest ninja!  4 STARS — Jose, Mattapan Branch

Like Water for Chocolate by  Laura Esquivel – Like Water for chocolate is a great novel. It combines elements of cookbook recipes and elements of hidden romances into one, one of a kind & unique style novel.
I highly recommend this book ! 4 STARS — Kayla, Mattapan Branch

Daphne’s Book by Mary Downing Hahn – This story was really sad but taught some good lessons about people and how they react to different things. 5 STARS — Rebekah, Adams Street Branch

The Ruby in the Smoke by Phillip Pullman – Sally Lockhart’s father died in a trade. While Sally is trying to find out  more about it, she realized that she is involved in both an opium trade and a precious ruby. On the other hand, Ms. Holland is also looking for the ruby and she does not mind killing others for the ruby. In other words, Sally is in danger. 5 STARS — Amy, Parker Hill Branch

Pretend You Don’t See Her by Mary Higgins Clark – This story is a girl named Lacy Farell. Lacy works for a realtor. She gets sent into a witness protection program after seeing a woman get shot, after settling in Minnesota; Lacy thinks she’s safe but the killer comes back. Will lacy be safe or will she end up like her friend dead!? 5 STARS — Arinze, Parker Hill Branch

The Sicilian’s Marriage Arrangement by Lucy Monroe – To learn how to learn how to love someone but also to not let others dictate your life; become your own person. 5 STARS — Shakeira, Grove Hall Branch

Extras by Scott Westerfield – This book is qabout a girl named Aya Fuse. She is a kicker. A kicker is someone who makes stories and tell them to everybody. She makes a story thst makes her famous but the story also gets her in a lot of trouble with the people Aya calls the freaks. Anyone should read the this book after they read Uglies, Pretties, and Specials. 5 STARS — Joel, Jamaica Plains Branch

The Eternal kiss : 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire by various authors – This collection of stories is great. Each story is different from the other in scenery or conflict, but they each share the fact that they all relate to desire or blood in a way. It’s a good read. 5 STARS — Lori, Mattapan Branch

Thea Stilton and the Ghost and the Shipwreck by Thea Stilton – Five girls learn in biology class about a shipwreck off of the island and a rare diamond was lost when the ship sank.  Then, their professor disappears, they have to dive deep into the ocean to find him – and hopefully find the priceless jewel.  When they think their adventures are over, they are sent to China to search for another lost treasure. 5 STARS — Bayla, Faneuil Branch

Money Power Respect by Gary Anthony – His mother left him. Ever since Ricky was 10 he always thought money was the key thing in life. Why? Well because when you get money you become famous, everybody is going to like you. How can he get that money? Ricky was accepted at a drug place. He became a gangster and him and his friend Omar were working together from they the started getting fresh girls and everybody in school started giving them some respect. Well there is a lot about this story but this is all i remember. 3 STARS — Vera, Washington Village Branch

Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper – Copper sun was one of few books that I have read that have made me cry. The main character’s (Armari) story was a very sad one so was alot of other characters stories. Armari is a slave from africa and has to learn the lanauge or she will be whipped often. But at the same time it made me proud, proud that even thouh all that cruel stuff was done to them they still went on with life and found ways to remain happy. In Copper Sun you also get a look at the other side of slavery. The second main character (Penny) is a indentured white girl whose parents died of sickness and she becomes friends with Armari. At first Penny dosn’t like her because she is a negro but they find out they can cooperate togetther. 4 STARS — Tabrina, Grove Hall Branch

Whistle by Daisuke Higuchi – The kid in this book can help you out when you are in a ruff patch with your dreams; he will teach you never to give up. 5 STARS — Jacory

Shame on It All by Zane – “Sisters: noun (sis-terz) sibilings made up off all girls, annoying at times but you love them, got each others back no matter what and will kill for each other.” This definition of sisters is how I would explain sisters Harmony, Bryce, and Lucky (rn: Lucinda). These sisters have been arguing since they were probably babies. They fought about everything but unlike some sisters they made up automatically. They also have each others back for everything. Harmony and Bryce have become entrepreneurs (people who start there own businesses) and have successed while Lucky is in college to be a doctor. So naturally when Lucky runs into touble while at school her sisters are ready for justice. This book is an excellent source of drama. 5 STARS — Keynessa

Road to Memphis by Mildred D. Taylor – If you like historical fiction, you’ll love this book. Cassie, the main character, lives in the South during the 30’s. She is African-American, and she is 17. The boy she loves makes the mistake of disrespecting a group of white boys and has to flee to Memphis to escape being lynched. This story is about their journey. 5 STARS — Sophia

Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach – For a history freak such as myself, this book was a page turner and left me hungry for more. I love Elizabethan history, Shakespeare, and a good mystery so this book  was a perfect fit for me. It was a light read and didn’t take very long to read, but it was definitely worth it. Hero (the main character) was your average social outcast who stumbles upon a mystery involving some old stolen jewelry and family troubles. The way she solves the case is making me take much longer looks at my next door neighbors! 5 STARS — Anna

Are You 4 Real? by Sara Kadefors – Ever wondered if the person over the Web is REALLY who they say he/she is?
Sara plays with that imagination and creates the plot of two teens who are pressured by life and find an escape online. Ida is a Farm girl who goes horsebacking daily, *Cough* and Sandor has a Hot Girlfriend *Cough* *Cough*.
Ida is actually a city girl and faces the problem of people thinking her of as a Skank while hiding the fact her mom is mentally depressed. Sandor is bullied daily by the soccor team and tell tease him of being gay, of which he isn’t.
See the real world and the imaginary Net world collide in this amazing story!
The story, the problem and the humor are all incredibly written and I really admire the writing style! 5 STARS — John, Copley Branch

Fire by Kristin Cashore – Usually, in books, you never see or here of the side of the “monster” or the enemy and how it might feel for them to be seen as dangerous and not friendly. This book shows another side of them. 5 STARS — Mikayla

Mr Red Sox: The Johnny Pesky Story by Bill Nowlin – This story is a biography on one of baseball’s greatest players. It chronicles Johnny Pesky’s accomplishments on the field as well as his numerous contributions to the game of baseball. With a baseball career spanning nearly eight decades, Johnny Pesky is a true baseball lifer and an inspiration to many ballplayers today. If you like reading about baseball and the Red Sox, this book is for you! 4 STARS — Kent

Travels of Thelonious by Susan Schade – A chipmunk named Thelonious thats washed away by a flood to the city of Ruins.  He then travels with Fitzgerald porcupine, Brown lizard and Olive bear to Olive’s home the fog mound.  This is a funny book. 4 STARS — Kyle

The Fencing Master by Arturo Perez-Reverte – This was an amazingly, griping murder mystery about a fencing master who is living in Spain in the middle of the 19th century, during the Glorious Revolution. In this novel Don Jaime, a humble, honorable and trusting;(to a fualt) older man finds himself seduced by a beautiful young woman who approaches him with a strange request and a hidden agenda. He becomes caught in the middle of a murder investigation, the victim being his friend and fencing partner Luis de Ayala. He ultimately finds himself in a duel for his life once discovering the killer. 5 STARS — Shakila

Fresh Off the Boat by Melissa de la Cruz – Melissa is one of my favorite authors ever!! I love her books to the max!!! This is one book that will be in your head for a long time. 5 STARS — Amal

Life as We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer – The book about the end of the Earth that the human race was dying out. When the moon path was changed and natural disaster was occurring all over the world, a family has to work together in order to survive. Miranda who dreamed about ice stating but then when she was faced with the responsibility to help her family to get food and water so they don’t have to drink from contaminated water and to give the house heat. This was a truly a story about the love of a family during hard times and to accept one an other. Susan Pfeffer demonstrated true courage from all of the family members and the unselfishness of people who help one an other. This story and its details were heartwarming. The ending of the story made the story even better. I felt like I want to continue reading the book after the last page. The dream of Miranda becoming a figure skater was just a mere detail that was not elaborated in the book. 5 STARS — Lien

Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac – This book was bone chilling and really fun to follow. It was scary and there’s a twist in the end. I thought this book was awesome. 5 STARS — Victor

Happy Cafe by Kou Matsuzuki – This is an awesome manga about a happy, optimistic girl called Uru. She is a girl with super strength and her life drastically changes when she gets a job in Happy Cafe where she feels intimidated by one of the workers. I love it so much that I have re-read this at least 5 times so I would recommend this to anyone that likes shojo manga and likes the heroine to be optimistic. This is just a cute story and the characters are very relatable. 5 STARS — Haixin

Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah – This book is about a girl who’s family is originally Lebanese & Muslim. Her father is a stickler for culture and tradtion, especially after her mother died. At home, she is called Jamilah (which, from prior knowledge, I know to mean “beautiful” in Arabic). Jamilah has many rules that her father set, including a super early curfew, which she must obey.
At school, she is called Jamie. She doesn’t stick up for the other Lebanese-Americans in her class, even though they go through horrible ridicule from some mean students. She wishes she could be like Timothy, a kid who doesnt care what people think. Online, she becomes penpals with a really nice kid named John, who she talks to whenever she’s cooped up in the house due to a curfew. I really like this book, but I think it ended too soon, because I wanted to read more. But the end gives you a lot of room to sort of imagine how it is gonna end. 5 STARS — Kenechukwu

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz – I can’t count how many times I have read this book, because it is so good! A fourteen-year-old boy, Alex Rider, learns of the death of his uncle and adopted parent, Ian Rider, in a deadly car crash. Alex is suspicious and decides to investigate. He finds that Ian Rider did not die in a car crash, and was, in fact, a spy who had been shot before completing his last mission. He had actually been training Alex for a career in MI6. Alan Blunt and his second-in-command, Mrs Jones, of MI6, ask Alex to pick up his uncle’s assignment, investigating Herod Sayle, a Lebanese millionaire (Egyptian in the American version) who is giving free “Stormbreaker” computers to every school in Britain. As an undercover agent, Alex travels to Sayle’s home in Cornwall, and, following the path drawn by his uncle, discovers a large computer manufacturing facility, where the Stormbreaker computers are being tainted with smallpox virus. The story goes on with Alex Rider being the hero at the end of it. It is a much recommended book on my part! 5 STARS – Michael

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