Odd Jobs

So you’re looking into colleges, trying to decide where you want to go. But do you know what you want to do with your life? Do you have a career in mind? Or are you going into college “undecided”?

Whether you know exactly what you want to do, or you haven’t the faintest idea, check out the book display in the Copley Teen Room to help give you some ideas, or just have fun reading about the other things you could choose to do.  Or not do.

Have you ever wanted to be a spy when you grew up? We’ve got the handbook! Wondered what it’s like for Duane “Dog” Chapman to be the bounty hunter he is? His memoir is on our shelf. We have books on all kinds of jobs from being a chef to careers with dogs to the person in charge of keeping the Stanley Cup, and the funeral parlor cosmetologist.  Hey, someone’s got to make you look pretty when the time comes. Right?

Ever wonder who makes all the sound effects for movies? That would be the foley artist.

What about becoming an oyster shucker? “How many oysters can an oyster shucker shuck if an oyster shucker shucks oysters all day?” – Odd Jobs

Or an odor judge? Training for this job takes a year, and from then on you need to be tested monthly, to make sure you’re still good for the job.

Check out our display and see all the odd, and interesting jobs you could do when you graduate! I garuntee there’s something for everyone!