It’s a 3 Way Street

This video, created by Ron Gabriel, a student working on his thesis project, watches ONE intersection out of 12,370 in New York City and tracks the number of accidents that nearly happen because of carelessness on the part of drivers, bicycalists, and pedestrians.  Watch how he carefully shows people nearly colliding all over the place.

It’s a scary world out there, but it doesn’t have to be. If we all pay attention to the things going on around us, to the street signs and lights, and other people coming and going, these intersections wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous as they are. And that goes for intersections in cities all over the world. Including our very own Boston.

Check out the video below!


One thought on “It’s a 3 Way Street

  1. John K. says:

    That was how I remember it! NYC is the city that never sleeps. Doesn’t follow traffic laws too well either. It’s all a symtom of the congestion and “me first” attitude that is easy to find in modern culture. Pedestrians have the right of way with red lights. Bicycles are considered vehicles AFAIK in NYC. Those interactions were the most surprising. I’ve driven and parked in NYC once on the upper west side. It wasn’t as bad as all this. But it was a quick trip off and on the Henry Hudson Parway and so on. Been on foot many times, twice with luggage! Be careful and pop a headphone off an ear when you need to cross!

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