Juggling Workshop at the Copley Library

So, yesterday, we had this awesome dude right here come to the library to teach a sweet workshop on how to juggle! Why? Because we all know how important it is in saving lives during Zombie Awareness Month, that you know how to juggle. Eh… ok, maybe not. But it was fun, yeah?

We had a lot of teens picking up the many juggling tools he brought with him and trying their luck. To prove what a popular and fun workshop this was, here are some pictures to make you jealous that you weren’t there!


And, once the juggling was over, Anya decided to try on some of our leftover prom dresses, and went home with this beautiful dress:

Doesn’t she look stunning?!?!


One thought on “Juggling Workshop at the Copley Library

  1. Renee' says:

    A very good looking instructor….

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