Road Trip Wednesday #74: The Year 2011

This Week’s Topic:
Assuming we make it through the 2012 apocalypse, what do you imagine the publishing world will look like 100 years from now?

This is a great question! But, I’m gonna say, if all the sci-fi books are right, publishing will be similar to ebooks, only everything will get downloaded right into our heads. It’ll be similar to the book Feed by M.T. Anderson, not that I like that idea, cause I don’t. And, I happen to like books in print. They have specific smell that’s sooo good! lol, and when you’re tired and your eyes hurt, it’s easier to read print than something on a computer. 

What do all of you guys think? Is there a book that you think most represents what the future might bring? How so? Is the wave of the future something you like, or are you against it? Let’s hear your thoughts!_____________________________

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