Road Trip Wednesday #73: When I Was Young…

This week’s topic:
What books were you obsessed with as a kid?

For me, I was obsessed with Alphabears by Kathleen Hague and illustrated by Michael Hague (who also illustrated The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien) when I was really young. In fact, my Dad read it to me so many times he eventually had the whole thing memorized. It’s still my favorite book today too and reading it was the last thing I did right before I got into the car to go to college because I wasn’t taking it with me. Why do I love this book so much? The illustrations are amazing and the rhymes are great! “F is for Freddy, a big frightful mess. What he’s been up to, no one can guess.”

After that, I was obsessed with the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell because, well, duh, if you read the last post you know I love horse books. It’s about horses and girls who need to be given a chance to shine, and once they do… well, you get the idea. I love books like that. I would get one and spend the entire day reading until it was done, and then go get the next in the series.

My third obsession was the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Why? Well, let’s start with the adventures, the sword of Martin, fighting animals who have hilarious wit, animals who talk in various dialects, the feasts, everything is just awesome. They’re a great, enjoyable read, and Brian Jacques has the best narrative voice and was always entertaining when he did book signings.

So now that you’ve heard about my childhood reads, what are some of yours? Don’t forget to give us the title, author, and the reason why you loved the book(s) so much.


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