Road Trip Wednesday #71: Yes, You’re In My Book

This Week’s Topic:
Who have you written into a book? Be honest. OR, who would you write into a book if you could? Would you portray them in a good light or a bad light? Why? What would the book be about?
OR, in reading a book, who have you recognized in a character? Name the book, author, character, and who you recognized. Remember, we don’t need to know their names, just their relation to you will do fine.

It could be someone that just inspired one specific trait in a character. Maybe your Main Character’s ex has a weird obsession with anime, kind of like a certain ex of yours. Or maybe the evil witch wreaking havoc on your other characters is straight-up Mrs. Hawkins, your 3rd grade math teacher. Confession time – who’s in your book?

As for me… I put some past friends in a story once when I was in college. But, I ended up not liking the story so I scraped it and moved on to something else. I’d like to think I portrayed them in a good light. They were good friends, afterall. It’s not something I would do again. I want my friends to continue being friends, and not everyone wants to be in a story, regardless of how well you portray them.  


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