Road Trip Wednesday #70: Like Mandarin

This week’s post is all about a brand new book release! Like Mandarin by  Kirsten Hubbard.

“In Like Mandarin, 14-year-old Grace Carpenter would give anything to be like 17-year-old Mandarin Ramey — the bold, carefree wild girl of their small Wyoming town. Many people I’ve spoken to experienced that sort of longing as a teen — a longing to be like someone else. A friend, a sister, a celebrity, an acquaintance, a cousin, a teacher or, as in Grace’s case, a girl you thought had no idea you existed.  I know I did!

I’ll be giving away a swag pack to one of the commenters* every day of the tour. All commenters are also entered to win a signed, annotated AND doodled-in copy of Like Mandarin.
But wait! there’s more! I also want READERS to participate. And I don’t know any group of readers who are more awesome joiners that YA Highways RTW participants! So: everyone who follows the prompt on their own blog, today or anytime before Friday, March 18th, will be entered to win a SECOND copy of Like Mandarin — also signed, annotated and doodled in! Plus swag.
*Just make sure your email address is in your comment when you post to the YA Highway Blog” -Kristen Hubbard

The link to the YA Highway blog is here:

So… what is the prompt? What’s the question you need to answer to get the free swag? Here it is:

“I would have given anything to be like…”

So, who do you want to be like? And why?

For myself, when I was a teen, it was always about being able to ride horses. I would have given anything to be like the girls in my favorite horse books, just because I love horses and love horseback riding. Especially out west. That always did look like a lot of fun in the warm sun, and adventurous too!

So, comment here, let us know who you always wanted to be, or still wish you could be… but don’t forget to post on the YA Highway blog to get free stuff!!!


2 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday #70: Like Mandarin

  1. thank you for participating!! 🙂
    I’ll also be hosting authors on my site for the next couple weeks, with more giveaways: kirstenhubbard.blogspot com.

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about RTW!

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