Road Trip Wednesday #67: Choosing Titles

This Week’s Topic:

How do you pick your titles?
If you’re a writer, tell us how you pick your titles. Are these for poetry, songs, novels, short stories, fanfiction? What genre do you like to write in, if you’re writing short stories or novels: Mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance?
If you’re not a writer, tell us what your favorite titles are! Who wrote the book, song, poem, or short story? And, why do you like the title so much?
Want to know how writers who write for teens choose their novel titles? Check out their blog:
As I’m a writer, one of the ways I choose titles for my work is by picking out specific words that are cool, unique, stand out, and are a main part of the book. Sometimes, words like that tend to be common words, but when you draw them out on their own, they are that much more powerful.
As an example, one of my favorite titles for an old piece of fanfiction I wrote several years ago is titled “Live and Love” and the story is about a character learning to live again and allowing himself to love when he thought he couldn’t anymore. Today, it’s still one of my favorite titles, and one of my favorite stories.


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