The Boston Public Library Has A Snow Day!

Reporting from home on this very wintery day, I just want to announce that today, January 12th, EVERY branch of the BPL are closed, including the main branch in Copley Square, due to the snow storm we are currently experiencing.

However, as far as I know, we should be open tomorrow, Thursday the 13th.

My suggestions for the day, since you can’t hang out in the library? Go have fun in the snow! Then head indoors for some nice hot chocolate… and perhaps a good book or two! If you have a digital camera, feel free to send us pictures via email of you having fun in the snow. Just make sure to tell us who all is in the picture so we can label it properly and we’ll post it on the blog! Email them to bplteenblog(at)

In the meantime, here’s a YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday question to keep you busy on this cold day! #62:

What is your favorite line from your WIP (Work In Progress) or from a book you read recently?

Are you a writer? Do you write poetry, short stories, or novels? Is there a line you wrote that just astounds you? Let us know what it is!  Or, tell us a favorite line from a book you’ve read recently. Don’t forget to give us the title and the author!

As for me, I have to go with a line from a comic book I just read this morning called The Black Canary Archives Vol. 1 by DC comics.

“I never thought I’d live to see Thunderbolt unconscious!” – spoken by Johnny Thunder

Since I liked Black Canary’s response I’ll add it as well: “You’ll never live to see anything again if he doesn’t wake up!” I think her line especially adds to his. Great humor there!

Here’s the link to YA Highway’s blog: You should definitely post your responses there as well as here. I know they would love to hear what you had to say!

I hope your day off from school is a good one! …Signing off to continue reading The Black Canary and Pegasus by Robin McKinley on my day off… I’ll see you all back at the library soon!