Teen Knitting Club!

   Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? Do you already know how, but wish there was a cool group you could hang out and chat with while you made scarves and fingerless gloves?

   Well, then you’ve found the right place for you! Starting tomorrow (Friday, January 7th) at 3pm in the Copley Teen Room I will be teaching the basics of knitting to anyone willing to learn.

We have yarn and some needles, but if you have your own, please feel free to bring them along! If you borrow needles and yarn you’ll have to leave them at the library, but if you bring your own, you can practice at home too!

We also have a great selection of books on knitting, so feel free to browse our collection and take something home to help you learn even more about knitting!

We also take yarn and needle donations, so if you have knitting items you don’t think you’ll ever get around to using again, feel free to drop them off in the Copley Teen Room!