Murder Mystery Afternoon

October 12th @ 3:30pm in the Copley Teen Room

In the town of Great Bow, Montana the Mayor has called the most important people together for a dinner at his great estate to discuss what will happen to the empty plot of land next to the library. Some want a community garden, while others want something that will bring in more money for themselves and the town.  While at the dinner, a body is discovered and the house is locked down. The only one who could have killed the dead man is sitting at the table. But who killed him and why? Did it have to do with the money and land issues being talked about, or was there something else going on that no one knew about?

Join us for a fun, mystery filled afternoon and help us figure out what happened!

There are nine characters that will need actors and actresses to fill their parts.  Below, we have listed their names and a little information about them. When you arrive on the 12th you will be able to choose which character you would like to embody, but hopefully these tidbits will help you to choose the right character.

There are two awards that will be given out at the end of the event. The first goes to whomever figures out who the murderer is, and everyone will have a chance to vote for the second award, which goes to the best actor or actress.

And now, here are the characters you will get to choose from:

Bailey Teagan – The town Doctor’s partner, unhappily married for various reasons.

Mayor Reese – The town Mayor. S/he had a knee injury awhile back, walks with a cane, and takes prescription pain killers.

Addison Reese – The Mayor’s partner. Fears for the Mayor’s life.

Dana Mackey – The local pharmacist. Rich and flaunts his/her money any way possible.

Alex Jordyn – Dana Mackey’s girl/boyfriend.  S/he comes from family money and is always in style.

Chief Riley – The Chief of Police. S/he suffers the loss of family due to illness and divorce, giving him/her a hard personality in general, though s/he’s more sensitive now since the anniversary of her/his daughter’s death is coming up.

Digger Johnson – Single, overly emotional Pizza Chef.

Bobby Fells – Single, hippie Librarian.

This event is happening in the Copley Teen Room on Tuesday, October 12th @ 3:30pm. However, in order to participate, it would be most helpful if you signed up in advance, either in person, or by calling the Teen Room directly at 617-859-2334.

Remember, pizza will be served!!!


3 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Afternoon

  1. angel says:

    man us teens need to step up our game

  2. Melany Wilks says:

    We do a murder mystery each year. did you purchase this or write it? Did it have lines written for each character or just ad-lib?

    Pioneer Memorial Library
    Colby, KS. 67701

    • adraves says:

      As I’m a writer when I’m not at work, I took the time to write it myself with the help of our wonderful intern. Then we went to iParty and got a bunch of props for the characters to use. There are a few key lines the characters need to say to move things along, but other than that, it’s all ad-lib.

      This is our first murder mystery, so I’m curious how you’ve done yours and how well attended they are.

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