Blog Art Contest

We are going to have a monthly contest to determine the picture which appears as the Header of this blog.


  • Artist is 12-18 years old, living in Boston, MA
  • One entry per person per month
  • Artwork can be in any medium, such as photography, painting, graphic design, sculpture even, so long as you created the work. Submit a digital photo (or a digital photo of the artwork) to your friendly Teen Services Librarian, or to our blog email: Please include your name, library branch, and library card number along with your submission.

New work will be voted on by readers of the teen blog every month. You can see the current submissions and vote for your favorite under the “choose the picture” tab above.

This is your chance to get your artwork seen by tons of people around the city and (maybe) around the world.

If you don’t feel very artistic, this is your opportunity to decide how the Teen Blog looks. Vote for your favorite piece under the “choose the picture” tab.


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  1. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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