Mockingjay Event at Copley!

Next Tuesday, August 24th the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is set to be released! Want to know what we’re doing for it?

The Copley Teen Room just got free giveaways and one super cool prize today and we’re ready to hand them out on Tuesday.

 But, one super cool prize can’t just be given away to any random person. We know how much everyone will want this item, so we’re going to test your knowledge of The Hunger Games with a trivia contest. The person with the most correct answers out of 51 questions will win our awesome prize.

What is the prize already???!!! I know, I know, you all want to know what it is… but I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to come in to find out!

Remember 4pm Tuesday, August 24th in the Copley Teen Room.

If you’re not there, you’ll miss out on all the fun! And the chance to win something super cool that any super fan of Suzanne Collins would drool over. Now why would you want to miss that?


3 thoughts on “Mockingjay Event at Copley!

  1. Won’t you tell us know what it was? How’d it go? Any copies left?

    • adraves says:

      Hey! Yeah, the event went pretty well. A few people showed up, and one person really stood out when it came to answering the 51 questions needed to win the awesome prize. What was the prize? A signed book plate by the author! Sadly, we didn’t have any free books to give away, but the signed book plate was a big hit!

  2. John Kenney says:

    Sounds great! I’ll be following along here and see what we can get going down in Hyde Park.

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