Flying Cars a Reality?

The Terrafugia Transition has been in the news before, but it’s back again! It’s a car that can also fly AND has approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. How’s that for ya? And to top it off, it’s now going into production.

This super cool vehicle can function as a car and a light aircraft, weighing in at only 1,320 pounds due, mostly, to all the standard car safety features it includes, such as air bags.

Planes labeled as a light aircraft are only required to have 20 hours of flying time for the pilot before they can fly one. And, fewer hoops to jump through means more cars will be sold.

What’s the price for this sweet baby? $194,000  Sure it’s expensive, but it’s a car that flies. At this point in our technology, can you really put a lower price on such a cool gaget?

To see the official video of the Terrafugia Transition check out the link below. The video is below the short article.

On another note… what would you call this awesome thing? Is it a car? Yes! Is it a plane? Yes! But it’s also both. So, technically, you can’t call it only one or the other. Does that make it a planar? A Carane? Is there something else that would be suited to it, other than it’s official name? Pipe up and put your thoughts in the comments field!