Live, one-on-one homework help

Looking for some help on your homework and don’t know where to turn? Did you know that you can get live help online with your library card?

Visit and click on

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From 2 pm to midnight (that’s right MIDNIGHT) you can get live, personal help with Math, Science, English, or Social Studies in grades k-12 in English or Spanish. There’s also a cool white board you can use to draw your problem to share with the tutor. Need more convincing to check it out? You can upload a document and have it proof read by a live English Tutor. There are also thousands of worksheets, tutorials, study guides and more available 24/7 in the skill center reference library, accessible on the same page.

What are you waiting for? Check it out today!


2 thoughts on “Live, one-on-one homework help

  1. Albert Frank says:

    Hi, the information that was provided in the article was good. The support that is given by the website is notable and commendable.

    There’s another site which does the same work. The site is
    Visit the site at for further details.

    • adraves says:

      The difference here, is that the online homework assistance we offer as a library is FREE as long as you have a library card, whereas with the website you would have to pay for the services. If that doesn’t make a difference, then feel free to determine which services you’d prefer. Just know that all BPL librarians will suggest our services over the other.

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