Summer=Flip Flops. Right? Maybe Not.

Summer is finally here and for many, guys and girls alike, it’s time to break out the warm weather footwear which, for the most part, means flips flops. Whether your going to summer school (provided you’re not stuck in a school uniform), the mall, or the beach, flip flops are the choice of most people these days.

But are they the right choice?

Personally, my narrow feet can’t keep those flimsy things on, which makes it very hard for me to walk. Thus, I only end up wearing them to the pool or the beach, where they’re practically required. However, I’m not the only one with problems wearing flip flops. And they can be dangerous no matter the size or shape of your feet.

Check out the article below to help determine what’s right for your feet this summer.  Stay cool, comfy, and classy this summer!