Listen to the voices behind the wall

The Teen room of the Mattapan branch is proud to announce a new display: “Messages from the Prisons”. As part of on-going violence prevention efforts, this display presents a collection of letters from people from the community who are currently incarcerated, or have been recently released along side some selected books from the library’s collection. Here are some choice quotes:

“The choices we make today can affect who you are and how you feel tomorrow.”

“The bottom line is that the war going on in our neighborhoods needs to stop. And why not start with you? The choices you make today can affect how you feel tomorrow. You know the difference between right and wrong. So make the right choices?”

“Ask anybody upstate how much ‘getting it’ got them. Five, ten, twenty years, natural life. It that’s what you want, go on.”

Want to get reconnected with someone in prison you’ve lost touch with? A friend, cousin, father, anyone? Leave a comment to this blog post of who you are looking for and your relation and we’ll work to help reconnect you.


2 thoughts on “Listen to the voices behind the wall

  1. Sonny says:

    Ight, First of all, all the brothers that are in jail, are in jail because they (messed) up, honestly I can say that is a damn shame. They are supposed to show a good example for kids like when when I was growing up. I am 18 showing the new generation, or at least trying to but I can’t even teach them because when I was younger all the “older” cats were shootin each other up. I guess being in prison turns you into a real man after awhile, they go in all tryna be hood then after so many years they want to do the right thing all of the sudden. Hope y’all come home soon and when y’all get out; dont do the same things again!

  2. KingCast says:

    This is a fantastic program. I work with youth as well and this is a crucial component — having contact and wisdom from the people who have been there and done that.

    Unfortunately some of these people are continually disrespected and put down when they attempt to raise issues of unfair treatment within the prison system itself.

    Just ask Darrell Jones, who was targeted along with State Rep. Gloria Fox and Joanna Marinova: As noted in the pending Defamation lawsuit against the Herald and Channel 7, false allegations of sexual conduct were issued to stain the credibility of those who seek real prison reform.

    Here’s a recent blog entry on it with Emily Rooney and Beat the Press:

    Here’s a recent radio show on it with Ms. Marinova, local clergy and me:

    Horrible, horrible, horrible.
    -Christopher King, J.D.

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