Teens Knit! at Copley

For those of you who are interesting in learning how to knit, or relearning, or continuing how to learn the basics, we have a knitting group specifically for teens held at Copley in the Teen Room every Thursday from 3-5pm.

The following Thursdays we will NOT be meeting:

March 18th

March 25th

We’ll pick it up again on April 1st

But there will be NO knitting on April 8th.

Once again we’ll pick it up on April 15th and continue with our once a week schedule.

For those teens beyond the basic level who want to learn something a little more complicated such as knitting a hat or a bag, we are looking to get a professional knitter in to teach a workshop. All you need to do is talk to Anna Draves (Teen Librarian at Copley) and let her know you’re interested along with what you want to learn to make. The more people who agree on a project the better because this will only be a one project workshop.  This workshop would be once a week for a few weeks, depending on how complicated the chosen project is, and is currently not on the schedule.

While the regular Teens Knit! group does not require anyone to sign up, the Advanced knitting workshop will so we know there are teens interested before we put it on the calendar.  

If you have any questions regarding either of these programs or would like to sign up, don’t hesitate to stop into the Teen Room at Copley or call 617-859-2334.